2019 NIPHLE Annual Training Event

- Huntsville Alabama

21 May 2019

Major Julian Tsukano, Keynote Speaker

Executive Officer of Marine Raider Support Battalion, Marine Special Operations Group, Marine Special Operations Command

Topic: Logistics in the unconventional environment

Mr. Robert J. Vermillion, CPP, Fellow, 2019 Military Packaging Hall of Fame Recipient, RMV Technology Group LLC

Topic: Long-Term Storage of Antistatic Topically Treated Packaging In UseThroughout Aerospace & Defense™

Mr. Jason Runell, US Army ARDEC, Picatinny, NJ

Topic: Army Packaging Division’s ongoing packaging projects aimed at lightening the load.

Ms. Dana Dallas, DLA

Cold Chain Program Manager/Packaging Analyst

Topic: DLA Cold Chain Medical Regulation Updates and New Protocol Development

Mr. Jim McCorry

AGM Container Controls

Topic: Use and Maintenance of Humidity Indicators and Desiccant

Ms. Jennifer Smith,

DLA Packaging and HazMat Focal Point

Topic: DLA Small Business and Contractual Packaging Requirements

Mr. Christopher Forth , US Army, ASC PSCC

Topic: Packaging Challenges for High Risk Army Items

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