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Day 2 of 2018 NIPHLE Annual Training

Tobyhanna Army Depot

9 May 2018

The second day of the NIPHLE Annual Conference here onsite at the Tobyhanna Army Depot was another great gathering of some fabulous speakers from Academia to entrepreneurs to seasoned Military professionals who know what they need from Industry.

As a result, we heard some excellent white papers, technical presentations and a few entrepreneurial sound bytes from packaging software to a simple yet very effective palletization product to reduce costs for the trucking industry.

Our first speaker was Dr. Marshall White, Professional Emeritus, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, Virginia Tech.

Invited back for a 2nd year in" a row, Dr. White's white paper based upon a recent grant from the USDA "The effect of Non-Chemical Phytosanitary Treatment on Packaging Integrity of unitized storeswhen shipped internationally to prevent the movement of invasive insects and pathogens" drew a lot of questions and comments from the audience.

Mr. Paul Preston, CEO/Inventor, KICK STOPS™ presented his recent invention of a cargo restraint device to solve the need to more cost effectively protect cargo for the trucking industry.

I believe Mr. Preston made quite a few sales (without trying) to the quite engaged participants during the conference.

Hurrah for Small Business Innovation!

To boot, the product is US made with US Steel and is reasonably priced.

All breaks and Table Top Presentations were sponsored by AIR PACK.

Ms. Sarah Gedrich, US Army Materiel Command, Logistics Support Agency, Packaging, Storage & Containerization Center, gave a talk on "Evaluation of New Label Stock for Portable Printers."

A table top presentation by Sealed Air Corporation, a long time supporter of NIPHLE took place during one of the breaks.

Lunch was provided each day by ActionPak. Thank you Ira for your continuing generosity!

Mr. John Gerrish, President and CEO, AIRPACK,

gave a talk on "Dangerous Goods in Transportation Update."


During the NIPHLE National Business Meeting, Renee Mitchell, Director Marketing, gave a crowd clapping presentation on the new website for the members.

NIPHLE Contributors to the new look include Ira Smith, John Hauser, John Schmuff and Kyle Jacob.

Mr. Ira Smith, CEO/Founder, AirPack and John Hauser, Associate, presented an innovative new website under development for Government Supply Logistics and for Industry.

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