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2018 NIPHLE Annual Training

What a gorgeous place to have the Annual Training here on base at the Tobyhanna Army Depot!! Not only was everyone so well taken care of by our Nation's best in greeting all of the participants, but the "Landing" was a perfect venue to Welcome All from Colonel John D. Kuenzli, Commander, U.S. Army Materiel Command, Logistics Support Activity by Marcel Bakx, Acting NIPHLE President.

A Panel discussion followed with members of the DPPG that include Rebecca Cimino, Vice Chair, US Army, Lakye Frankline, Executive Security, USMC, Jennifer Smith, Defense Logistics Agency, Mark Ferguson, USAF, Rick Arter, US Navy and Laura Chappelle, DCMA.


During the DPPG Panel Discussion, excellent input on the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force was provided by Major Ambrosio Pantoja, USMC.

A really interesting talk followed by Mr. Mike McVeigh, US Army Materiel Command, LSA, PSCC on the subject of "Care of Supplies in Storage."

Mr. Robert J. Vermillion, CEO/Founder, RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry Partner, presented an update on "Suspect Counterfeit ESD Packaging Real Life Examples, Issues and Inspection Methods" for the DoD and Industry participants.

Bob's talk zeros in on the need for DoD Supply Chain procurement to be mindful of counterfeit threats as new and advanced material technologies replace the more traditional packaging in the search for a "lower price technically acceptable" product.

However, new and advanced technologies can also be non-conforming or suspect counterfeit as the race to buy better, faster, quicker can be detrimental for the protection of the Warfighter without due diligence by the User.


One of our major corporate sponsors, AGM Controls, gave an indepth presentation at his booth for the participants in which Mr. Jim McCorry, Director of Business Development, detailed some of the innovations that AGM has recently launched into the market.

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