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2017 NIPHLE Awards Banquet, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey

Rebecca Cimino, Chief, Packaging & Transportation Division, LOGSA Packaging Storage & Containerization Center (PSCC) presents the 2016 Award for the Military Packaging Hall of Fame to John Antal, with over 35 years of Civilian Government Service in the Army Packaging field.

John started his career with the US Army at the School of Military Packaging Technology at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Having spent the first 28 years of his career teaching packaging courses covering all facets of military packaging, designed to train packaging professionals to get supplies to our civilians and military safely and in ready-for-issue condition, John is directly responsible to support all Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation requirements for CECOM equipment worldwide. John’s efforts to improve packaging processes and procedures, while ALWAYS providing world-class customer service and support, sets him apart as a true logistics professional.

Jennifer Smith, Packaging, Stock Readiness, Unit of Issue,SDRs, and HazMat Program Manager, DLA Headquarters, Logistics Operations

presents the 2016 Military Packaging Hall of Fame Award to Ms. Dan Dallas (DLA Troop Support Medical).

Mike Werneke, NIPHLE Executive Director presents check in the amount of $5000 to Julia Ahmet, Chief Development Officer and Vice President of Marketing and Development, Community Hope/Hope for Veterans. Learn more about this organization by visiting

Standing Center is Michael Pigford, ATAC Eastern Director, accepting the 2016 DoD Packaging Achievement Award. To Mr. Pigford's left is Ms. Jan Mulligan, Deputy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration under the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel. Standing to the right is Jim Smith, ATAC Supply Technician.

Mike Werneke, NIPHLE Executive Director presents the 2016 Logistics Achievement Award to Mr. Eric J. Carter, HQ, DLA.

Mike Werneke, NIPHLE Executive Director presents the 2016 Material Handling Device Award to Lisa Aversa, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, Future Concepts Division for the Rough Terrain Container Handler Smart Driver Assist. Not present for sharing of the Award: Robert Forrester, Edward Geueke & Todd Becker.

Mohamed Elsharkawi and Steven Sicoli of US Army Picatinny Arsenal accepting award for Lapidus Trophy, best design in show for Improved Packaging of M6 & M7 Blasting Caps. Pictured alongside the winners is Jason Runell, Competency Manager, ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal.

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